The Boys

I am Reggie, I am the boss and my word is law. I am great friends with David – you see we are both the leaders of our own packs here at the Water Tower. I take the responsibilities of leadership very seriously and keeping up the morale of my gang.

I am Raffles and I’m the rather sensible older member of the group and I have great respect for my friend Reggie and always back him up… especially when Truffle thinks he’s been so clever.

Truffle is my name and I’m the most intelligent (but don’t tell Reggie) and I’m the most good looking, but also my fleece was used to make Ros’s wedding dress because it’s so soft. Also I love puddles and dunking my under bits.

I’m Valiant and I’m the joker in the pack and Reggie gets rather cross when I fool around too much. I love visitors – playing chase round the field with them is great, or pulling off Ros’ hat and flinging it across the field when she’s poo collecting is a great way to get her attention.

I’m Victor and I like to lead a simple life, keep out of trouble and be friends with everyone.