MARCH 15, 2023


I use my own alpaca fleece as the starting point of my work and colour is a central part of my art. All my alpacas are white, which gives me the wonderful opportunity for dyeing the fleece, and I am becoming increasingly interested in exploring the use of natural dyes. I recently started growing plants specifically for this purpose as well as using the wild plants that can be found in my garden and adjoining field.

My art encompasses felting, weaving and stitching and at present I’m concentrating on cushions and wall pieces. Often all three techniques are incorporated into one piece of work, using the weaving as a painter would use a canvas – I originally trained as a painter. Each piece takes a long time to make due to the many processes to work through – shearing the alpacas, processing and dyeing the fleece, weaving, felting, stitching, sewing, washing etc. Even the insides of my cushions are handmade and filled with beautifully soft alpaca fleece.

Working with material ‘from field to studio’, connects me more deeply to my immediate environment and helps give my practice a sustainable approach. My designs are usually refined down to what might appear simple at first glance, but come from a deep process of observing, questioning and engaging in things that fascinate me – the natural world and certain man-made things such as Romanesque architecture. It is also my way of finding calm and meaning in this complex world – which I hope is reflected in every piece. Having only five alpacas, my collections are all limited editions, ensuring each item is truly unique.