MARCH 20, 2024

In Conversation

The first quarter of this year seems to be the time when journalists want to interview me. Last month an article written for a local Substack and this month an In Conversation for a Portuguese online magazine. I hope you also enjoy reading this one which takes a very different slant.

Here is the Editor in Chief, Podcast Host and Founder’s introduction to the article.

Welcome to “From Field to Studio,” where we meet artist Rosalind, whose creative process begins with her own alpaca fleece, dyed with natural hues from her cultivated plants. Inspired by artists like Sonia Delaunay, Rosalind blends painting with textile techniques to craft vibrant wall pieces and sumptuously soft cushions. Each creation reflects her deep connection to nature and architectural forms, born from a contemplative process of observation and inquiry. Join us as we explore Rosalind’s journey of sustainable artistry, where every stitch tells a story of mindful living and environmental stewardship.

Joana Alarcão
13 de março de 2024

To read the article in full please click here.
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MEETING POINT: Alpaca and flax yarns. Japanese Indigo