Caring for our planet is a core part of my being.


I originally trained as an artist and it is this background and an appreciation for shape and form that remains as a key aspect throughout my work today.

I have a deep rooted passion for caring for our planet. It’s a core part of my being and as a result I try to live my life with great depth and thought for the actions I take, both in my work and outside of it.

I have lived at the Water Tower in rural Northamptonshire for nearly three decades, and more latterly acquired the alpacas who rekindled my inquisitive and experimental passion for creating. Lockdown obviously forced stay-at-home activities, but it also gave me full permission, and indeed the need, to devote time to working in my studio without distraction. It was at this point I further developed my depth of understanding in my weaving and felting skills.

My designs are refined and, what might appear at first glance, simple but they come from a deep, personal process of observing, questioning and engaging in the natural world.

“I love everything about my work, from the curious, gentle nature of the alpacas, the smell of the freshly sheared fleeces, and each of the different processes right through to the finished piece of artwork. It’s what I call ‘slow art’, with every single process meticulously completed by hand and often taking many hours, but I believe the finished pieces are worth every moment.”

Through the very nature of the work, all of my collections are limited editions, and every piece is unique and reflects the environment and raw materials used throughout every stage of the process. You can view my recent work here or please contact me if you have a specific project you would like to discuss.