Kerry Michelle Clarke is a compassionate, professional Yoga teacher who is delighted to be starting a BALANCE yoga class at the Water Tower in Brigstock; with an intention to guide individuals to enjoy receiving the most from their practice by applying attention to fine detail and equally going with the flow.


Following a career in the Military and passion for teaching, Kerry rehabilitated her knee and back following sporting injuries using Hatha Yoga and enjoyed sharing practice with others witnessing their health (physical and mental) improvements. As interest developed in the philosophy of the 2000 year old traditions and connection with body and mind, BALANCE Yoga was created and shared at the BALANCE Yoga studio. Her Yoga teaching now ranges from private classes, corporate wellbeing facilitations, 1:1 personal classes and specialised Yoga philosophy workshops. BALANCE Yoga Teacher training is due to begin in 2013, following the completion of a PhD in physical activity behaviour change.


Kerry is inspired by the simple things in life, naturally exploring Yoga philosophy and impulsive travels.

Yoga Weekly Sessions

BALANCE Yoga is a fusion of Hatha, Vinyasa and Ashtanga Yoga styles, created following curiosity of the Patanjali Yoga Sutras and beautiful travels in Bali. Yoga postures are linked with effective breathing into a flowing sequence to develop a light strong physical practice modified for all levels of ability and experience. It is an enjoyable style of Yoga which develops whole body supple strength with the opportunity to focus on specific postures if required for individual practice and enhanced core strength to improve posture, abdominal tone and back conditioning.


BALANCE Yoga connects body with mind and by concentrating awareness of movement with breath enables the mind to develop a meditation practice to reduce stress and enhance relaxation.


Additionally the reflective exploration of Yoga philosophy to enable practical application to daily life when off the Yoga mat.

Potential Benefits of Yoga practice (expressed by students)


Physical Benefits:

• Joint mobility

• Supple strength of muscles

• Enhanced breathing

• Reduction in stress related conditions – such as high blood pressure

• Supports weight management programmes

• Increase co-ordination and fine motor skills

• Enhanced BALANCE and general posture awareness

• Improved digestion

• BALANCE hormones

• Core strength / Back conditioning


Mental and Emotional Benefits:

• Improved focus and concentration

• Endorphin release – “feel good”

• Increased energy levels and general feeling of well-being

• Be part of like minded group of people who enjoy exercise

• Relaxation - parasympathetic nervous system

• Enhanced happiness

• Time out for you


Spiritual Benefits:

• Able to cope with challenges

• Connection to self

• Sense of peace

• Appreciating life and living with purpose

• Believing in what feels right for you

• Living a conscious life

Weekly Yoga Sessions with Kerry Michelle Clark all levels are welcome.



11.00am - 12.00noon


The Water Tower, Brigstock, Kettering, NN14 3JA


5 week courses - £35 (or £10 drop-in per class)

Remember your Yoga mat and wear clothes you are comfortable to stretch in.


Booking and enquries:


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