Yoga Weekend - further information

Isabel’s Biog


Isabel began studying Iyengar Yoga in 1992, qualifying as an introductory Iyengar yoga teacher in 2001 and an Intermediate Level 3 teacher in March 2011. Isabel initially took up yoga in order to recover from a dance injury, and now as a teacher and keen yoga student she loves teaching total beginners and specialises in developing and supporting the physical and mental health of dancers, performers, athletes and movement practitioners.  


Isabel is also an experienced choreographer, dancer and movement specialist; she trained from the age of 11 as a ballet scholar at the Royal Academy of Dance. Later she went on to gain a performance degree in contemporary dance and music at Bretton Hall and went on to found contemporary dance and Music Company salamanda tandem in 1989 which she still directs today. Salamanda Tandem became a registered charity in 2001 and tours arts and performance across the UK and abroad, Isabel also delivers training programmes and has written a variety of publications in enabling creativity for disabled people. As a professional dancer, singer and choreographer, Isabel has practiced and studied a variety of movement techniques including; Contact Improvisation, Alexander Technique, Pilates, Chi Gung and Butoh dance. Now Iyengar Yoga forms the foundation stone for Isabel, and for all salamanda tandem administrative staff, company members and dancers who attend weekly Iyengar classes, and when on tour attend company Iyengar class every morning when developing new performance work.  


Isabel would recommend Iyengar Yoga for anyone interested in the deeper study of movement. When practiced daily and studied though teaching, Iyengar Yoga can provide you with a system of diagnosis and self healing that can help you to cope, adapt and grow mentally and physically in the face of our demanding 21st century living.


Geoffrey’s Biog


Geoffrey is a registered Osteopath based in Nottingham. He trained at the European School of Osteopathy and has been in practice since 1991. The prime focus of Geoffrey’s work as an Osteopath is the musculoskeletal system, muscles, bones and joints, which are vital to the healthy functioning of the body as a whole. Osteopaths believe that if the body is functioning to the best of its ability, then its own in-built healing mechanism can function effectively. A wide range of techniques are possible as part of Osteopathic treatment, which is gentle, and management may involve recommendations on posture, diet, or exercise. Geoffrey runs a private Osteopathy practice in West Bridgford, works in a joint Osteopathy practice in Derby and also conducts small group back care / remedial sessions in our Movement 4 Health studio.  


Geoffrey’s interest in the structural and functional integrity of the body drew him to Iyengar yoga and Pilates, which he has practised for a number of years. In 2007 he became a qualified Modern Pilates teacher and qualified as an Iyengar Yoga teacher in October 2010. He has found Yoga to be helpful in rehabilitation and maintenance of good structural health.



*Both Isabel and Geoffrey are keen campers and will be out in the field at The Water Tower

Photograph taken by Geoffrey at The Water Tower.