Oundle Cinema Docs 2015 Season

Here at the Water Tower in Brigstock we are showing a new program of films for 2015's Oundle Cinema Docs Season. There will be 5 films in this first season of the year with the first screening on Wednesday 21st of January as part of the Oundle Cinema Programme.



The Water Tower,



NN13 3JA

(between Lower Benefield and Brigstock)


Time: 7.45pm


Prices: £25 for season of 5 films if paid prior to first film, otherwise £8 on the door.

Filmography :

© Rosalind Stoddart Independent Cultural Engineer. Website: Warren Shaw. 'Curve' Desgin: Steff Lee.


Wednesday 21st Jan 7.45pm


A sprightly docu-commentary on the boy from Bradford who has become our most famous living artist. A film about his world and his techniques. Interviews with acquaintances and former subjects – like the famous Celia Birtwell – together with an introduction into some of the new techniques that Hockney has developed  provide a “warm, affectionate, perceptive film” (Daily Telegraph). Hockney is a sharp and engaging interviewee who living in California has become a British ‘national treasure’.

Living in a Coded Land

Wednesday 18 february 7.45pm


Ireland – the land. Filmed with a keen, almost painterly eye, this film seeks to elucidate the layers that inform the people of the ‘emerald Isle’. It makes unexpected links between events, locations, history and contemporary life. Looking for the past that informs the present it gathers together themes about the impact of colonialism, emigration, the famine, land, housing and the place of art in society to provide an insight into Ireland’s buried past. “One of the most thought provoking and engaging documentaries you’ll see this year” (SPOOOOL)

Nuestro Abuelo & directors Q&A

Wednesday 18th March 7.45pm


A new departure for dOCs+.  Benjamin Johns a professional film maker and academic will  attend this evening to show and discuss his most ambitious documentary. Nuestro Abuelo (‘Our Grandfather’) is an intimate,  sympathetic portrait of the  Huichol tribe, one of Mexico’s most remote indigenous groups, still living outside the mainstream.  The director is the only foreign film maker allowed access to these gentle people, as they valiantly try to preserve their traditional customs and beliefs.  The Mexican Institute  for Arts and Culture  called Nuestro Abuelo is a ‘wonderful, powerful film’. Find out how Benjamin made it happen. 

Tony Benn Will and Testament

Wednesday 15th April 7.45pm


A straightforward film made over the last two years of a very controversial political life. A film that looks back over some of the great events and personalities of Britain through the prism of one of its ‘characters’. This is film as memoir - debates about his peerage, trade unionism, Thatcherism, Blairism and the nuclear issue. He is one of the most compelling of speakers, who has both clarity and conviction. Its all there in this film. But was he right or wrong? 

Que Caramba es la Vida

Wednesday 20th May 7.45pm


Mariachi – the folk tradition of Mexico is traditionally seen as informed by machismo. But here it is women musicians that have chosen the streetplaying world. Set against the background of the ‘Dia de los Muertos’ the film accompanies the women from their daily lives into their street performances. It weaves a texture that mixes the grittiness of their lives with their songs about love, death and poverty – so doing, it seems their lives in Mexico city become slightly more bearable.

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