Oundle Cinema Docs

February 22

The Nine Muses (dir: John Akomfrah). Combines a look at mass immigration into the UK in light of the Greek myths! “…a beguiling and often moving study in landscape and memory…” The Independent


March 21

Vanishing of the Bees (dir: Langworthy and Henein)  Examines the reasons for sudden colony collapse and why the threat to the ancient relationship between bees and humans could affect the very fabric of our lives.

“A fascinating subject expertly covered” Empire

April 18

Salute (dir: Matt Norman) What happens when politics and sport collide. The Black Panthers, one white Australian and the 1968 Mexico  Olympics.

“..a true masterpiece.” TIME Magazine

May 16

Nostalgia for the Light  (dir: Patricio Guzman) The Atacama Desert, astronomy, memory and the search for the remains of the “disappeared”. “an extraordinary film about the unknown and the unknowable” Sight & Sound


June 20

Werckmeister Harmonies  (dir: Bela Tarr) Does just the arrival of a  whale cause a rural town to collapse? The power and exhilaration of ‘Slow Cinema’!

“…novel, compelling and sometimes quite astonishing.” The Guardian

7.45pm Start here at The Water Tower

Price £25 for all films or £8 for one film