Deep Roots Tall Trees 2016 Archive

We are tremendously excited to announce that DRTT have been commissioned by the Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust to write four new songs based on pieces of music in their archives and to celebrate the four members of the Montagu family commemorated in the Montagu Monuments at Warkton church near Kettering, Northamptonshire, and to perform and record the songs for internet streaming and CD production. Barb Jungr will lead on the arranging and writing of these songs along with Gareth Fuller, Ring of Fire, Mark Brennan and George Reilly.


In addition, they have asked DRTT to lead on a school project in Kettering resulting in the performance of 2 songs derived from the Montagu Music Collection, arranged and rehearsed by DRTT Choir Director, Gareth Fuller. These will be performed at the same concert.


The Princes Regeneration Trust are managing the Montagu Monuments Project on behalf of the Buccleuch Living Heritage Trust and St Edmunds Church Parochial Church Council.  This is a Heritage Lottery funded project and DRTT’s element of the project, is to help explain and explore the significance of the Montagu Monuments to the general public and all involved.


The performance took place on the 5th of May 2016 at St. Edmunds Church, Warkton.

Deep Roots Tall Trees Poster for the performance at Warkton Church