2 Day Voice Workshop

Michael Harper is coming back to do a further workshop but this time over two days. It will be on Saturday 27 and sunday 28 October 2012, 10am - 4pm.


Cost: £110 per person including lunch (accomodation available on request).

Deposit £50 required by 30th September.


Breath Voice Spirit


1st Day – Learning about the body


Morning  - exploring the use of the body, breath and voice through gentle exercises


Afternoon – each individual works in front of the group for a short time with a prepared piece (The piece can be sung or spoken.  It can be very simple.)



2nd Day- Exploring non-verbal communication


Morning –  gentle warm ups of body breath and voice


Using nature and other things around us, we look for ways of communicating without out sound – our responses to the sounds, sights,etc around us.


Improvisation with others using non-verbal and verbal communication

using body and voice


Afternoon – Return to the our prepared individual work from the previous day  incorporating the work of the two days


The days will be full of fun and learning!